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ტენისის მაგიდა indoor 19mm DONIC Roller 900 Blue


DONIC Roller 900 solid indoor hobby table with compact technology. Very easy to handle due to the safety locking system. 19 mm blue top with 50 mm metal frame all around the top guarantee good ball bounce and stability. Under carriage 25 x 25 mm square-type tube. Fixed net and post set as well as storage place for bats and balls. Big 128 mm rubber wheels provide stability and easy manoeuvrability even on uneven ground. Playback position possible - you can play on your own.

  • 19 mm laminated chipboard with metal edging 50 mm
  • The frame is made of 30 mm diameter steel;
  • 4 wheels double 128 mm diameter;
  • Legs with height adjustment;
  • Easy handling due to the safety locking system;
  • Convenient holder of rackets and balls;
  • Weight: 77 kg;
  • Safety Certificate: EN 14468